Friday, March 19, 2010


Have I mentioned that I HATE running?
If I haven't, I HATE RUNNING. There is no love/hate relationship here, it is hate/hate. But I read an article once about a woman who decided to start running, and when she started she could only run to the first telephone pole then walked back to here house... But she went out the next day and ran to the second, then walked back home... She did this until she was running a 5k! It really struck a chord with me, I hate running, but I can run to one telephone pole... why not two? Three?! I ran from one stop sign to the next (about 4 phone poles!), I wasn't too tired, so I ran to the next stop sign... Ok, that was harder! I walked for a bit, then ran two more stop signs, then walked the rest of the 2 miles home.
I have slowly built up over the last 4 days of running/walking, and I am starting to run most of my "walk", and I'm sore, but I feel pretty good! I still hate running, and it takes ALL of my inner strength to keep going, but I do... And when it gets too hard, I walk for a while, then push myself just a little further. I'm not sure my dog is loving all of this extra exercise he's getting, but I guess he'll get in shape with me!
Now it's time to catch up on laundry and clean up this house!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Changes!!

Going RAW!
I've been intrigued by the Raw Food LIFESTYLE for a while. I've juiced before and saw amazing results, I just finished eating a lettuce wrap with tons of fresh veggies and I felt an INSTANT boost! Instead of feeling full and tired I feel energized off ONE MEAL! I could feel like this all day every day?? WHY AREN'T I EATING THIS EVERYDAY?!
Being RAW is alot more than just eating salad, I looked up a TON of recipes and they all sound delicious... I'll have to invest in a blender and a food processor and eventually I'll want a dehydrator (which Jason is already interested in... he tried dehydrated carrots at the Peach Basket and fell in love!). But imagine, having a yummy green juice or smoothie in the morning, a heaping salad full of fresh veggies for lunch and yummy veggie sushi for dinner, or raw veggie lasagna, freshly made ICE CREAM! Yup, you can make raw ice cream.
I'll officially be starting on Friday with the help of a Raw food GURU and my new coach!! Until friday I'm going to be weaning myself off of junky food and add in more salads. AND I've ordered a bunch of new workout videos which are supposed to get here on Tuesday!! All the while I'm going to be reading 20 Something 20 Everything which will help me emotionally and get spritually connected to ME... I've kind of lost me over the last two years.
I'm excited to get ME back... and lose weight in the process; physically and emotionally!
and check out my SEXY raw friend Lauren's blog!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kick Starting Change... Facing insecurity...

For me change was all about getting out of my comfort zone... The best way I know to change is to change the outside... And the EASIEST thing to change is your hair... I have had my hair super long for about 5 years... I was ready to chop it off! So I did. And I love the cut!

What I wasn't ready for, was what I saw once the hair was gone... Me, and all the weight I've gained over the last five years. When I had long hair I felt like I could cover "me" up... I didn't notice how chubby my arms had gotten, my hair covered it... And WHEN did I get backfat?!

I'm down to only three pairs of pants (two being work pants) that actually fit (kind of). And well, not many shirts (you know, that baggy t-shirt that you used to wear to bed, that isn't quite baggy anymore. UGH)... I look at pictures from 4 years ago and I WAS NOT like this... What the hell happened?!

What I thought to be a little COSMETIC change has brought up all this anger and sadness(toward myself) and has left me wondering how long I was "unaware" of my physical state. How long have I been this out of hand?! Well now it's time to get serious! I CANNOT STAY LIKE THIS. Not only do I hate how I look (minus my fabulous hair), but I am not healthy! I have developed unhealthy habits... but why? Why am I eating more than I used to? Why do I drink more often than I used to? How the fuck did I get HERE?! How did it get this far?

It all starts today. I'm going to beat this. And I will never be this way again. This is one promise to myself I HAVE to keep.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three!

I'll post more later, but I found this super fabulous workout that actually seems fun even though it's SUPER challenging!

Happy workouts!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Two!

My inspiration for last night's dinner!

Day two has flown by, dinner last night was DELICIOUS! I made personal pizzas with whole wheat pre-made pizza crust and sauce (1/2 a crust with sauce was only 190 calories!), with mozzarella and fresh basil paired with a delicious antipasto spring mix salad with artichoke hearts, olives, tomatoes, and small bits of mozzarella tossed in olive oil and red wine vinegar! I ate a large bowl of salad, and was so full I could only eat two slices of the pizza (2/3 of a serving). Jason loved it and kept trying to eat more!

Breakfast this morning was a large glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon, followed by a large green juice. I got a little hungry around 11:30, so I ate a small green apple. I forgot it was saturday and forgot to pack a lunch for work, so I had to settle for a 1/2 cup of honey nut cheerios at 2. After I got home from work I made Jason and I a snack, whole grain pita bread with hummus and a handful of grapes.

The pita and hummus come in at 240 calories.

The plan for dinner was a delicious chicken and veggie pasta dish and more antipasto salad. I minced two cloves of garlic, 1/4 of a medium chopped onion, and three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a pan, sprinkled in some "italian seasoning" and dried basil from my spice rack and two shakes of sea salt, I let that heat and I put in 6 chicken breasts (I actually used tenders to easily give smaller portions) over medium heat. I then sliced up some zucchini and yellow squash and chopped up another half of the onion placed that in another pan (with a lid) with some more italian seasoning and basil and a little more sea salt, place lid and heat over med/high heat. I then boiled water for some whole wheat pasta. While waiting for the water to boil, I quartered the left over artichoke hearts, halved about 10 olives and about a dozen cherry tomatoes, and tossed them in a couple tablespoons of olive oil (a little goes a long way!) and a few shakes of red wine vinegar. I then turned the chicken tenders once they were browning on the bottom. Once the water boils pour in your pasta, I threw in two cloves of garlic while it was boiling (I don't think it made a difference in taste, but it was an idea). Stir the vegetable mix and salt/spice to taste. Once vegetables are tender, pasta is cooked to your liking, and the chicken is browned and thoroughly cooked, you can heat up your favorite sauce (watch out for high sugar levels with this). I served 3/4 cup of pasta with about 4 tablespoons of sauce mixed with 1/2 cup veggie mix and two small chicken tenders. I threw in a slice of garlic bread that I toasted in the same pan as the veggies once they were done, threw in a minced clove of garlic and a touch of garlic powder and brushed the french bread with olive oil, toast on medium heat until golden brown, try not to burn the garlic (I did, oops!) turn over to brown both sides.

The finished products:

I only ended up eating a small bowl of the salad and about a 1/4 of the pasta dish and a slice of garlic bread, and I was STUFFED!

Lunch for tomorrow is going to be leftovers of either pizza or the pasta and dinner is TBA, I have about 50 healthy recipes to try it's hard to decide!!

Hope all is well in veggie land. Tomorrow is a work out day so there will be a long walk for the dog and a definate workout video (or treadmill "hike"). It's going to be a fantastic day!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One!

Day One
Happy New Year! 2010 is finally here, and so is the official start of my journey! I was able to start the new year off right and not drink too much last night, so I wasn't hungover this morning! I started my day with two large glasses of lemon water. Then a large 16 oz. glass of yummy fresh green juice. Later I had a hearty bowl of progresso tomato and basil soup (220 calories in one can) for lunch.
My plan for the rest of the day is to take the dog out for a long walk (at a brisk pace), then I need to find a yummy recipe for dinner then head to the grocery store for some fresh veggies for green juice tomorrow. Then, depending on how I'm feeling (we are taking baby steps here) maybe do a workout video for a fast paced cardio routine to jump start my exercise program...
My goal for January is to work out at least three times a week, juice daily, and actually cook one meal a day (with leftovers for lunch!). Remember, start small... this isn't a quick fix, this is a LIFESTYLE change.
Tommorrow I'll post what I cooked for dinner along with my workout plans.
Happy new year! 2010 is going to be FABULOUS!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Glorious Green Juice!
The Big Change starts tomorrow... But in order for changes to happen you need to be prepared! Yesterday my boyfriend, Jason, and I went out and bought a treadmill, a new scale that tracks your weightloss, and (my favorite purchase) a JUICER!
So, last night Jason put together our new treadmill, and this morning I ran to the organic produce section of our grocery store and stocked up on yummy greens and veggies and some fruit... I also picked up some boneless skinless chicken breast, a packet of low calorie seasoning, and some rice pilaf (made with olive oil instead of butter) to make for dinner, along with steamed broccoli and a large yummy salad.
As soon as I got home (and on an empty stomach) I juiced a lovely green drink a la Kris Carr:
1 Cucumber
2 Stalks of Celery
1 Broccoli Stalk
1 Small handful of Kale
1 Small handful of alfalfa sprouts (I couldn't find sweet pea sprouts)
and 1/2 of a green apple
Kris adds 1 inch of ginger, but I omitted this for now.
I drank the juice while preparing our dinner (to be eatten later, but we have a busy day planned so a re-heat and eat meal is appropriate), halfway through my 16 oz. of sunshine I started perking up, a had more bounce in my step, I was concentrating better... It's AMAZING!
Once I had the chicken in the oven I juiced another glass of green juice for Jason and promptly brought it to him at work... Jason was skeptical of the green juice at first, but after one sip he smiled and said "I like this! I could drink it everyday!" YAY! So I think we are on the right track so far.
I'm hoping to get a chance to walk the dog before eating dinner and to walmart to get a memory card for my new digital camera! Then it's time to get dolled up and head out to ring in the new year!

Day One starts tomorrow with a green drink in the morning followed by walking the dog for a warm up, then my first workout! 2010 is going to be FABULOUS, I can feel it!