Friday, March 19, 2010


Have I mentioned that I HATE running?
If I haven't, I HATE RUNNING. There is no love/hate relationship here, it is hate/hate. But I read an article once about a woman who decided to start running, and when she started she could only run to the first telephone pole then walked back to here house... But she went out the next day and ran to the second, then walked back home... She did this until she was running a 5k! It really struck a chord with me, I hate running, but I can run to one telephone pole... why not two? Three?! I ran from one stop sign to the next (about 4 phone poles!), I wasn't too tired, so I ran to the next stop sign... Ok, that was harder! I walked for a bit, then ran two more stop signs, then walked the rest of the 2 miles home.
I have slowly built up over the last 4 days of running/walking, and I am starting to run most of my "walk", and I'm sore, but I feel pretty good! I still hate running, and it takes ALL of my inner strength to keep going, but I do... And when it gets too hard, I walk for a while, then push myself just a little further. I'm not sure my dog is loving all of this extra exercise he's getting, but I guess he'll get in shape with me!
Now it's time to catch up on laundry and clean up this house!

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